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Postal Address

 EmmsIT Limited,
 9 Blacksmiths Lane,
 Hockley Heath,
B94 6QP

Telephone Numbers

Landline: 01564 784825

Mobile: 07815 849467

eZ Publish

eZ Publish is an Open Source Enterprise Content Management System (CMS) that is suitable for use as a Web Content Management System

Because it is Open Source (i.e. freely available, including all of the program code) there are a large number of developers working with it, both in the UK and internationally. This gives the end user a great deal of security - they are not bound to one supplier alone.

Uniquely amongst Open Source CMS, eZ Publish has a full time development organisation offering maintenance and support agreements (eZ Systems - link opens in a new window). This ensures that there is a dedicated team to resolve any software issues.

eZ Publish Extensions we can offer

We have developed eZ Publish extensions for:


Paypal Pro


CSS Stylesheet switching (by browser and operating system)

If you have another requirement then contact us for a free quote. Of course we can also install other extensions to eZ Publish developed by the community at large at a competitive rate.

eZ Publish Upgrade Service

If you have an older version of eZ Publish and would benefit from the additional security and features of a more up-to-date version then contact us for a quote.

eZ Publish Integration Service

Because of the flexibility of the system we are able to integrate it with other IT systems you may already have in place. For example, your existing databases, spreadsheets or Word documents can be used to provide content on your eZ Publish website.

Reference Sites

  • Monster
  • Elle.fr
  • French Ministry of Defence
  • Eurostar.com
  • Porsche retailers – managing 25 sites for their show rooms through one installation
  • French Rugby Union
  • Amnesty International
  • World Aids Campaign
  • National Geographic
  • Catholic Church in England and Wales

Further references are also available

eZ Publish Provides:

Ease of use with power and flexibility

  • Easy-to-use front or back-end publishing
  • Minimal or no training required for users
  • Powerful administration interface
  • Direct publishing from Microsoft Word® or OpenOffice.org®
  • Drag and drop documents/images with WebDAV
  • Work from anywhere with an Internet connection

Web Publishing Functions

  • Complete control over look and feel
  • Site structure is easy to create
  • Support for:
    • Online Shops
    • Revision Control (ability to roll back to previous versions of pages)
    • Multiple Languages
    • Workflows – publication approval/email notifications of changes to site
  • WYSIWYG Editor of pages (similar to using Word)
  • Extremely versatile templating system
  • Latest News/Latest Products
  • Private Area for members of the site (intranet style use a possibility)

Site Functions

  • Built in Search facility
  • Automatic pdf generation - articles can be rendered as pdf allowing faithful printing of what is seen on screen
  • “Tell a friend” function
  • “Notify me of changes” function

eZ Publish Supports

  • XML – makes eZ Publish easier to integrate with other applications
  • RSS
  • WebDav – using Internet Explorer to upload and download files from the server in a way very similar to using My Computer in windows
  • W3C Standards
  • IE, Mozilla, Opera and many others
  • Mobile Phone, PDA
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